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First infos on autumn update
11:57 PM
Changes in the NPC dialogues: - Up to 4 players can talk to one NPC at once - You can use "Next" and "Previous" to navigate through the NPC dialogue - The text is shown in a box, giving much better contrast Players online: - Additional information about players - Look up other players, see their level, exp, the monsters they hunt and many other interesting things Achievements: - Gain achievements in the game, by unlocking hidden secrets or solving quests - Show off your achievements via the players online section Higher server speed: - All servers will have an increased rate of movement - Fighting speed will remain as now - And monsters move faster too, of course New content: The autumn update will bring a new island of course. This time it will be an Asian theme. There will be many new quests and adventures on the island and some new monsters and items too. --------------------- Due to technical reasons all old clients will not work after the update. You will have to install the new client. Also it will not be possible to update the client this time, as we had to change and restructure many things in the clients. Sadly this means that many of you will loose their minimaps. We deeply regret that this cannot be changed for the update.
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wah kapan prem mingguan bisa lagi :))

today, huh?

hope its gonna be fun i guess..


when???when???when???when???when???when???when???when???when???when???when???when ???when???

yeha!cant wait til updte

Gud job staf tibia..I think tibia better if every char have not same statust atck, defent or hp..Salute tibiame

yeha! i cant wait for the next update! ui deadsoul ngek kh. wkwk. By the way gm will there any trade system introduce? My friend told me about that. Thank you

wew,i cant wait for the autumn update.

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