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[ Download from this server (1.10 Mb) ] 2008-10-19, 5:10 AM

Category: Theme symbian9 | Added by: yeha
Views: 1256 | Downloads: 528 | Comments: 7 | Rating: 5.0/1 |
Total comments: 7
7 yeha   [Entry]

6 Endrance   [Entry]
It dont work either.(sign..) it ok yeha, i giving up to this 1. It only make me crazy thinking about this.

5 yeha   [Entry]
Me add new file-try this

4 Endrance   [Entry]
0i yeha, did u already fix this 1.

3 Endrance   [Entry]
Yes, i 0s0 downl0ad the hell0 carbide. It work 0n them all. But i think the pr0blem is.. the file is corrupted n cant install it..yes i know i can download it n save it to x-plore but when i try to install it.. It said 'FILE CORRUPTED. Plz fixed it. K

2 yeha   [Entry]
Try read here
at my Nokia n73 this theem good work

1 Endrance   [Entry]
'Wonderful theme' i said when i see the front image BUT! Unfortunately when its used the installer..i though i'll get it but at the end of the process..(sign) it SAID FILE CORRUPTED!.. Plz fix it. I wanted the theme.

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