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Episode 4 is online
0:26 AM
The fourth episode of the TibiaME Tales Season Five has been published today. Explore the new island and dungeons on Banuna and fight against the fierce dragon Flaroxis! The Season Five will bring you 6 new Episodes containing exciting riddles and quests to solve.
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6 Pikachu  

5 Wangjie  

4 marcell  
wah wah wah ......

tibiame gak t ni sekarang....
gw pengen tibia lvl kcl d ks wpn...
masa merek ngemis molo.
trz coba aja tibia bisa bersuara ...
mslnya kalo nyerang bersuara..
ciat ciat ciat .... kn lebih enak di lihat dan di dengar....

3 Badfriday  
PLEASE GM, Quest rare item 1 player = 1 rare item, dont drop from monster like flamus,flamoxis,rabbit ninja. Dont created unnecesary monster like rabbit ninja,star,demon, every one play for get exp. .hunt them confirm to dead. INFO for GM LVEL 108-100 stil hunt fire elemen coz only fire elemen is gud to GET FAST EXP. . .(ninja,star,demon=SLOW EXP & DEAD & LOSS 2.000.000 EXP).

2 Badfriday  
BAD EPISODE GM, only drop a.o.b and g.o.e. . .and only one king in room. . .many people waiting for king. .and wizard can wait to. .very unfair and very bad., 1 king fight with 8 warior and 4 wizard everyday, every hours. .not gud, is gud if everybody have rare item, and rare item must be from quest, is mean 1 player only have 1 rare item, and item drop fr0m m0nster 0nly item for sell. And GM dont create m0nster if n0body hunt that m0nster.

1 saya  
tunjukin weapon baru dong

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