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Islands Tibiame

Tutorial Island

Training, initial island.

Is a launching pad for the beginners who have survived after wreck of the ship, following on Aurea.

Consists of a site with tasks which urged to train the player in bases game процессса.

Transition from island is irreversible and is made by means of teleportation.


Lyberia, friendly island.

Is island for players of low levels, to version 1.50 was starting and contained training part which was then it is separated in Island Obushchajushchy.

The island has enough interesting tasks and approaches players of mainly low levels.


Aurea, the basic island.

Is the main island of game, residence Bandomira which has invited you in game.

It is mainly covered by greens, however in the north has desert, and in the south extensive marshland.

The main city is located in the island centre. Also there is the city of orks located in the north.

On an island surface bugs, snakes, spiders, wolves and hornet live.

Under the earth it is possible to meet practically any being, including not game characters.

There is boss-monster Bragnak (ork).

The island abounds with tasks and approaches players of any level.

Arena Island

Arena, fighting island.

Is the island serving only for fights PvP.

The island is divided on two parts on which ends start commands.

Two commands - Ancient Magicians (dark blue) and the Secret Brotherhood (red) are offered players on a choice.

Contains underground transitions, and the buttons burning bridges between parts islandа.


Solahmar, deserted island.

Is secondary island of game.

Represents burnt desert, with fire mountains in the north, and a plateau the dead in the south.

Also is a body of archipelago of the Solamarsky Islands connected among themselves, total about 7 pieces.

The city is located in the island centre, however it is not rich with inhabitants. Also there are ruins of the died out city in the east.

On an island surface bugs, snakes, scorpions live. On a surface of a southern plateau it is possible to meet skeletons.

Under the earth trolls, minotaur live basically mantis. There is a pyramid of vampires under a southern plateau.

There are bosses-monsters Astarus(minotaur) and the Pharaoh (mummy).

The island is not rich with tasks and approaches those who searches


Vargos, underground island.

Is specialised island for players of high level (40 and above).

Represents a huge underground tower, the island surface is very small and covered by mountains, has port.

Cities with inhabitants are not present. At the very bottom of a tower there is a place for revival of the died characters. The unique inhabitant of island - Gerrik.

On a surface of island there is no life.

Under the earth the strongest beings of the game world are concentrated: a Cyclops, the dragons Looking. Many of them are divided into classes and have powerful and super-power updatings.

There is boss-monster Hieronimus (magician). Hieronimus is the owner of an underground tower, and Gerrik - its assistant.

The island contains one through task, as the award for which will serve Jumbo Slayer or Mad Mage's Rod, and will be a good platform for hunting to players 50 and above levels.


Ashmor, the thrown island.

Is tertiary island of game.

Opens to a look the destroyed houses, the radioactive rivers, and two majestic castles.

The city is located in the western part of island, is remarkable the bar where you can get also to yourselves a shone pumpkin.

On an island surface snakes, wolves, bats, phantoms, bears live.

Under the earth phantoms, pangolins, the shades looking live basically. In the "kind" lock, magicians also live in the "malicious" lock - vampires, magicians, superstrong dragons and demons.

There is boss-monster Reks (pangolin).

The island includes one through task containing three collateral, and approaches both to players of low levels, and the strongest players (70-80 levels), only there it is possible to find the strongest fiery and power weapon


New island

GM Island

GM, secret island.

Is the island hidden from eyes, it is located to the north from Island-arena.

Belongs to administration of game which can teleport you there for hidden from eyes of other players of conversation (or interrogation).

Its remarkable line is the chest with parchment on which it is written "This is not a GM Island".


Автор: Deathbrin ,Yeha

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