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Other items
Image Name Mission
Life Fluid Restores a life 150.
Strong Life Fluid Restores a life 300.
Syrup of Health Restores a life 500.
Mana Fluid Restores a mana.
Strong Mana Fluid Restores a mana.
Potion of Might Restores a life and mana (150).
Miracle Herb Restores a life and mana (300).
Mushroom To sell.
Seashell To sell.
Pumpkin Morrigan quest
Emerald Is on sale for 150 gold.
Ruby Is on sale for 300 gold.
Sapphire Is on sale for 450 gold.
Topaz n/a.
Shovel To dig.
Mirror Quest Maya.
Artefact Quest.
Mysterious Crystal Quest Vladir.
Candle Quest Morrigan.
Bag Quest Aluka.
Heart Quest Pyrramus.
Parchment Info.
Mandrake Teleport to the place of hunt(after 60lvl)
  Dwarven trumpet
  Hedge trimmer
 To cut rosebushes

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